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Mescalito takes many forms in many myth-systems throughout time.
Sketched from descriptions by Native American Indian shamans, also as Peter Pan
in a commercial advertisement, and as Mr. Spock on Star Trek. He is
one of the most widely-reported denizens of Chapel Perilous and is
known in dozens of shamanic traditions.

" The greenish-skinned, pointy-eared man I saw in 1963
has appeared in the folklore of many cultures who do not
even use peyote. He has been seen most frequently, in recent
years, as a humanoid extraterrestrial in various flying saucer
reports by alleged Contactees. And, in the late 1960s, he began
to appear regularly on TV, known as "Mr. Spock" on the
Star Trek show, and has remained on the tube ever since, despite
frequent network attempts to cancel the show and get
rid of him. The fans always insist on bringing him back, and
now in 1977, as I write, "Mr. Spock" is scheduled to appear
either in the first Star Trek movie or a revival of the series on
TV. He is an image, or as Jung would say, an "archetype" that
that cannot be erased from the human mind.
By coincidence, in his guise as Spock, this pointy-eared
godling has given us a slogan that has become widely used in correspondence among Immortalists-scientists dedicated to
the search for longevity and eventual physical immortality.
The slogan is, of course, "Live long and prosper." We have
seen that slogan on letters from the Cryonics Society of Michigan,
the Bay Area Cryonics Society, the Prometheus Society
and other ImmortaUst groups. This "coincidence" will
appear, possibly, to be more than a coincidence when we
have examined further data .. .
The Irish form of Mescalito is the leprechaun, noted for
playfulness, trickery, and—oddly—for leaving behind gifts in
the form of food, just as the alleged "UFOnaut " left Joe Simonton
a gift of pancakes.
It needs to be emphasized that whether we are talking
of an experience involving Mescalito or one involving a kitchen
chair, all of our perceptions have gone through myriads
of neural processes in the brain before they appear to our consciousness " - Robert Anton Wilson


released January 7, 2017

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 ,8 ,10,12 & 13 produced by Midyawn ( U.K. )
Tracks 2, 6, 9, 11 produced by Ezeroh1 ( S.D. )
Cuts and scratches by : Pawps The Medik ( S.D. )
Features from Generik & Mathias Kruse
Cover artwork by Mathias Kruse ( Snail Cage )

420 Noize x Snail Cage x Digital Dust Mites x Left In Company x Crooked Hand Geometry



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v u l c a n . tapes San Diego, California

TaLL CAN 420.

snail cage
420 noize
left in company
digital dust mites

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